About Us

The short story is that we are a group of kids, tweens and some adults trying to protect the ocean from pollution and other harmful things. Scroll down to learn more about us! 

Our Story

It started with me, Rowan, the leader of this club. I have always had a passion for the ocean and stopping ocean pollution. So when two of my best friends started clubs to help stop climate change (Check out the Society To Stop Climate Change!) and to help endangered animals, stop animal abuse, and other animal related things (Check out the Valley Animal Protectors!), I started this club. Ocean Heroes, to help stop ocean pollution and save marine life. This is the sixth full month of this club (We started in January, 2021) and it's pretty small. So I thought making a website would connect people more and make the world aware of the threat of ocean pollution. I hope that you find this website inspiring and that you are more aware of the causes and effects of ocean pollution after you've been on here for a bit. 

Meet The Team


Hero, Researcher

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