New Here? Start With This: 

Hello Ocean Heroes! If you just clicked on the link and are new here, this is the page for you! I realized that I was recommending reading the first post on this website to all my new members, but of course you wouldn't know to do that if you just clicked the link online, would you? 

So, this page will basically have the information included in that post, with a couple extra tidbits as well!

Alright, so. How this club works. To join, go to the Contact page and... well... I don't know how to phrase this, but just TELL me if you want to join, ok? When you join, you become a Junior Hero. To become an official Ocean Hero, all you have to do is three things to help the ocean in any way! No pressure to become an official Hero. You don't have to do ANYTHING, you can just look at my posts and learn about the things we talk about!

P.S. I can't do followers or anything like that on this website. Believe me, I've tried. So becoming a Member/Junior Hero is basically following me, in case that changes your perspective on things. 


But once you become an official Hero, you can choose a role! There are four roles: Activist, Researcher, Inventor, and Writer.


The Activist's job is to DO things to help the ocean. They'll try to do some of the ideas in my posts and persuade others to help as well!


The Researcher's job is to, well, research! They used to do research for my newsletters, but since we aren't doing those anymore, sometimes I ask for research and help with my posts! They also can do research on their own and find new things we can do to help the ocean!


The Inventors job is to invent their OWN ideas of what we can do to help the ocean! The inventions could be thoughts and ideas, or a 3D project that we can make and will be easy to use at home! Even if you aren't an inventor, I encourage you to tell others your ideas and make your own projects!


And, the newest role, the Writer. The Writer's job is to write! ANYWHERE. To companies about the use of plastic, to government officials, even to friends and family about joining the club!


Every month, we talk about a new topic having to do with ocean pollution or other things harming the ocean, such as overfishing. And every month, I will make a monthly transition post where I will talk about what we accomplished last month and our goals for this month! 

We are turning into more of a blog, so I don't send out as many emails as I used to, BUT if your email is shared with me, you will get the occasional ocean-y petition in your inbox. If you aren't comfortable with having your email on the list for Ocean Heroes emails, please tell me in the Contact Page! 

And I believe that is all! I hope that this page was helpful and that you can navigate the website and the club better!