Announcing A Challenge!!!

Hello Ocean Heroes! As you might be able to tell by the fact that I didn't make my second post for last week, i'm having a REALLY hard time finding ocean/ocean pollution media that you can listen to/watch.

So I decided to ask you if you had any suggestions! I'm looking for podcasts, movies, and/or youtube channels that have to do with the oceans!

So, I am announcing a challenge for all of you. Recommend some things you've listened to/watched, or search online for ideas (Maybe you'll have better luck than I did)!

Send your recommendations in the comments or Contact me! If I like your recommendation, it will be in the next post and if you're ok with it, i'll give you a shout out as the person who recommended it!

And that was my very short post!

Hope you enjoyed and participate in my challenge!

- Rowan

Leader, Hero, Activist, Writer

Ocean Heroes


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