Hello Ocean Heroes! So, I mentioned the idea of Badges in my last post, and I said that I would do a post explaining it more, so here it is!

Basically, for things you do in the club or on the blog (Like upgrading to a Hero, Signing a petition, etc.), you will earn a virtual badge! I thought it would be fun to have this for motivation (Not that you really need motivation XD ), and it will be fun for me to make the badges and send them to you guys!

Here is a list of all the badges you can earn and how to earn them!

  • Joining Badge (Earned by joining the club! Just Contact me and tell me that you would like to join!)

  • Hero Badge (Earned by upgrading to a Hero! You can upgrade to a Hero by doing any three things to help the ocean, just make sure you Contact me and tell me that you have done the three things!)

  • Writer's Badge (Earned by writing to any five companies, government officials, or friends and family about ocean pollution as a whole, or a specific cause ex. Writing to burger king about stopping plastic straw usage)

  • Researcher’s Badge (Earned by researching any five things that has to do with the ocean ex. Researching overfishing to help with a blog post)

  • Petitioner’s badge (Earned by signing any five petitions that help the ocean OR by creating your own petition! If you have given me your email, you will receive petitions from me once in a while, unless you told me in the Contact Page that you didn't want to receive the petitions)

  • Spread The Word Badge (Earned by sharing the website with someone, or other creative ideas to spread the word about anything we've talked about or ocean pollution as a whole! ex. Putting a poster up in your local post office)

  • Donater’s Badge (Earned by donating anywhere that helps the ocean)

  • Contestant's Badge (Earned by participating in a giveaway or contest on this blog!)

  • 10 Badge (Earned by doing 10 things to help the ocean!)

  • 20 Badge (Earned by doing 20 things to help the ocean!)

  • 40 Badge (Earned by doing 40 things to help the ocean!)


Every month in the monthly transition post, I will list the people that got badges in that month!

This month, of course, there will be many people who are listed because it's the first month, but in future months, it will wind down, I promise XD

Joining Badge:

Everyone earns this badge!

Hero Badge:

Naomi, Charlie, Breanne, Charlotte, Rachel, Brent, Carissa, Molly, Ruby, and Olivia have earned this badge!

Writer's Badge:

Naomi has earned this badge!

Researcher's Badge:

Breanne has earned this badge!

Petitioner's Badge:

Naomi, Charlie, Breanne, Brent, and Ruby have earned this badge!

Spread The Word Badge:

Charlie has earned this badge!

Donater's Badge:

Naomi, Charlotte, and Molly have earned this badge!

Contestant's Badge:

Naomi, Charlie, Breanne, Charlotte, Rachel, Brent, Carissa, and Molly have earned this badge!

10 Badge:

Naomi, Charlie, Breanne, Charlotte, Brent, and Molly have earned this badge!

20 Badge:

Naomi and Breanne have earned this badge!

And that's that!

Do you like the idea of badges? Are you confused about anything? Let me know in the comments!


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