Happy 4th Of July!!!

Well, happy 4th Of July! July 1st to 7th is Clean Beaches Week, devoted to celebrating our beautiful beaches and help them stay clean and safe for generations to come! July 4th, Independence Day, is the most popular beach day of the year, but it results in more litter on the shores. Clean Beaches week is a way to educate beach-goers about helping the beach stay clean before the big day!

So, what can WE do to help as well?

  • Go to the actual beach! The past two years (Counting out 2020 because of COVID) me and my family went to the beach for July 4th, so without knowing it, we were there for this week! Annoyingly, but understood (XD), we won't be at the beach this week, but if you can be at the beach, that would definitely show support for Clean Beaches Week!

  • Clean up the beach while you're there! Cleaning up the beach is the whole point of Clean Beaches Week! When you're leaving the beach, make sure you left no litter or trash. You can go to the beach one day with a plastic bag to collect litter (Make sure you wear gloves too!) on your own, or you can participate in a beach cleanup!

  • Clean up the RIVER! As you probably know, rivers run into the ocean. If you aren't near any beaches, you can clean up a river! If rivers have pollution, they will run into the ocean and give the ocean MORE pollution. By cleaning up rivers, you're stopping even more pollution from getting into the ocean!

  • Support companies that help clean the beaches and the ocean! Supporting companies like OceanHero, 4Ocean, the Surfrider Foundation, and i'm sure there are many more, will definitely help if you can't physically clean the beach or a river!

Thank you for reading!

Are you planning to do any of the suggestions? Do you already know about Clean Beaches week and celebrate it, or is this info new? Tell me down below in the comments!


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