Happy August!!!

Hello Ocean Heroes! It's the last day of July already, and I am here with another monthly transition post! So, let's get started!

First, July Goals:

  • One new member

  • One member upgrading to a Hero

  • Two posts a week

  • Media Theme!

Of course we didn't get a new member or have one upgrade to a Hero. I should probably stop asking for that... but I know if I do then a lot of people will suddenly come and join or upgrade XD So, long story short, we didn't accomplish those goals.

And we ALMOST accomplished two posts a week. We did seven posts this month, like last month, and we would've had to post eight to have two posts a week. Well, if we're counting this post, than I believe we did make it to two posts a week this month! Comment below if this post counts!

And we did do our media theme this month, without running out of posts (Mostly)! I'm actually really happy with what I did with our theme this month, I think the media posts turned out good! Here are the links to the posts I made this month (Yes, i'm doing links now. VERY fancy XD):

Happy July!!!

Happy 4th Of July!!!

Media Theme- Movies And Documentaries About Ocean Pollution

Media Theme- Flush By Carl Hiaasen Book Review

Announcing A Challenge!!!

Media Theme- Awesome Articles That You've Shared!

Media Theme- Recommending Your Recommendations!

So, I think July was a pretty good month! It was the first month where having the website and posting on it was normal, instead of a new experience, and I think it went well!

Now, August Goals:

Of course, to kick it off (XD), I will ask for one new member and one member to upgrade to a Hero.

August is a busy month for me, so i'm still going to try for two posts a week, but i'm not going to put too much pressure on myself, so don't bother me if you only see one post a week XD

And the theme of August is really exciting! I plan to do a collaborations month, where each post is a new collaboration with another blogger! I have a couple people I want to do collaborations with, but if you want to do one with me I can definitely fit you in! Just Contact me or ask me in the comments!

Also, since I probably won't have a lot of collabs, stay tuned for another them in August as well! I'm excited and I think August will be a good month!

Did you think July was a good month? Do you have any ideas for another theme for August? Tell me down below in the comments!


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