Happy July!!!

Since it's July, it's time for our monthly transition post!

First, June Goals:

  • One new member

  • One member upgrading to a Hero

  • TWO posts a week

  • Giveaway!!!

We sort of accomplished the two posts a week; I did THREE posts a week at first XD, but then I started to do them when I had time and felt like it. I still try to make posts every couple of days or every week, but I don't think I kept up with two a week this month.

And we accomplished the giveaway!!! (Which we haven't done yet because i'm making this post before I announce the giveaway XD You know more than I do!!! Who won?)

June was a pretty relaxed month. We didn't really have a set theme on what we were talking about, the theme was basically "We have a website!!! Let's get the hang of this!" and I really enjoyed it. We got SEVEN posts in (Even though they were mostly holidays and the giveaway posts), and I think June was a pretty good month!

Now, July Goals:

Should I STOP asking for a new member and a member to upgrade to a Hero every. single. time. Probably. But I am holding out hope! Please join and upgrade!

And I just realized that seven posts last month is almost two posts a week, i'll make that another goal for this month! We are going to try two posts a week again!

As I said, we didn't really have a set theme in June for what we were talking about, BUT my most recent post "Check Out These Books About The Ocean And Ocean Pollution!!!" (I know, long title!) was actually the start of a theme for July! The theme for (At least part of) July is Media! Such as books, movies, shows, etc. about the ocean and ocean pollution!

So, in July I hope to do two posts a week, and kick off the theme of media! Since I will be doing two posts a week, I'll probably run out of media posts to do. So stay tuned for a new theme in July as well!

Do you think June was a good month? Do you want more relaxed months like that with no particular theme? Speaking of theme, do you have any ideas for another theme in July? Tell me down below in the comments!


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