Happy June!!!

And Memorial Day!!!

So, since it it June, it's time for our monthly transition post!

First, May Goals:

  • One new member

  • One member upgrading to a Hero

  • One jamboard (Post, essentially) each week

  • At least one or two newsletters

The only one of these goals we accomplished was doing a jamboard post every week. 🙁

BUT what we spent most of our time doing this past month was May The Month Of No Plastic, where each week, we talked about a different category of plastic items, and tried to get rid of those items and replace them (Or get rid of them entirely if you really don't need them!) with sustainable items that don't involve plastic!

Every week, we would watch a video about someone living a sustainable lifestyle, or a tutorial on how to make the category of plastic items we were talking about more sustainable. For example, last week we watched a tutorial about how to make your own sustainable green cleaning products that don't involve plastic!

Then, I would make a jamboard post about it! At the end of every week, I would send out an email: Weekly Plastic Update, and you would reply to it with all the amazing things you did during that week! May The Month Of No Plastic was AWESOME!!! We had amazing conversations and did so many things to help the planet and to become more sustainable! Thank you to everyone who tried to get rid of some plastic item in their lives and tried to become more sustainable and take a small step towards living a plastic free life!

So, all in all, May was an awesome month!

Now, June Goals:

As always, our goals are to get one new member and have one member upgrade from a Junior Hero to a Hero. Also, since school for me is almost over, and I can do shorter blog posts now instead of full on jamboards, I want to try doing two posts a week!

By the way, the reason that there is no goal for newsletters and that we didn't complete our goal for newsletters last month is because it was getting hard to keep up with them as well as a jamboard post and planning for the meeting each week. Also, since less people were upgrading to Heroes, I didn't have anything for the Hero Of The Week section. So, in April we just gradually stopped doing them. I didn't even really notice it! But, here's the official message: We will not be sending out newsletters anymore.

Anyways, as you know, June is the first month that we will have a website!!! So, we probably won't be doing too many fancy things as far as what we did in May, because i'm still getting the hang of this website. PLEASE tell me if, say, you can't see a blog post, or if the contact page isn't working, because I can fix it and I still might have to work out some kinks!

But, one cool thing I hope to do this month is a GIVEAWAY!!! Shout out to Naomi, Lead of the SSCC (Society To Stop Climate Change) for giving me this idea when she did a giveaway for her members last month! I haven't figured out what i'm giving away or how you can earn "tickets" or slots on a wheel to get the item. BUT, stay tuned because I will figure it out and a post will be coming soon!!!

So, June is a month of first things, like the first month we have a website, and the first giveaway, and the first time i'm trying to do two posts a week! I think it will be a really great month!

Do you have any ideas for giveaway items? Do you think we should do more of May The Month Of No Plastic in the future so people online who just found this website can participate? Comment down below!

P.S. I TRIED to make a cool Canva signature but Wix is NOT letting me!!! So here is what you get:

- Rowan

Leader, Hero, Activist, Writer

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