Happy November!

(Yes, I know it's not November yet, so I guess, Happy Halloween?)

Hello Ocean Heroes! First, I did go on sort of a short hiatus last week. A lot was going on, and I was really stressed, and there are friendship problems happening, so long story short, I didn't post at all this past week. But, i'm back!

Before we get into the actual monthly transition part of this post, I have a couple announcements. First of all, I got second place in a contest!!! (Well, I tied with two other people, but) and got this beautiful badge:

Since I've gotten second and third place in some of Naomi's contests as well, i'm thinking of putting a badge page on the site! What do you think?

This isn't really an announcement BUT I didn't get the first episode of the podcast out this month :( It was causing some stress so I decided to give you guys more time to send in questions for the first episode! I'm doing a get to know me episode, so send in questions about me and i'll answer them! Well, unless you're asking where I live, or what my phone number is, that would be creepy... but other than that, i'll answer your questions!

And that's it for the announcements! Let's actually get into the transition post!

  • One member upgrading to a Hero

  • Jamboard Post Theme!

  • Podcast!

No one upgraded to a Hero this past month. All you have to do is three things to help the ocean (Ex. Signing a petition, recycling, writing to a government official about ocean pollution) and make sure to Contact me so I know that you've upgraded!

And I just realized I didn't actually say I was going to try doing two posts a week in the last monthly transition post (Which is good because I wasn't able to do two posts a week XD)! So I didn't actually fail!

Oof jamboard post theme...

*goes to her blog*

*Again, sees the one jamboard post she actually completed*

*hides under the covers*

The podcast... well as I said, I didn't end up making the first episode this month, but I DID make the podcast and the trailer, so we're just going to say I completed this one!

This is a new section! Basically, i'll just be recommending some media (That has to do with the ocean or environment of course!) that I read/listened to/watched this month, and what I want to read/listen to/watch next month!

Blog Posts:

Cari is doing this awesome blog series, Weird and Wacky Creatures! One or two of them have been ocean creatures so far, and it's really interesting to learn about them!


I read Song For a Whale this month (Check out my review on it here!) and it was really good! I would definitely recommend, but i'm not going to do a whole review on it (Since I already did that!).

I don't know if I will this month, but I really want to read Hello From Renn Lake (There's a blurb about it in this post), and i'm definitely going to try to get my hands on it!


I don't really listen to podcasts... but I want to! There's this AMAZING podcast: How To Save A Planet, and I really want to listen to that more!


Every week, I get this really cool magazine called the Week Junior!!! It's filled with news about the world, animals and the environment, cool inventions, and much more! I've been reading it every week this month, and there's been some really interesting ocean-y articles!

For example, this is plastic packaging that can be eaten! It doesn't taste good, but it is safe for any animals that might eat it, and it will easily break down in the environment or oceans! Comment down below if you'd like me to do a whole post about this!

Posts I Made This Month:

Happy October!

It's The Day Of The Giveaway!!!


Jamboard Post- Chemical Pollution

Attention Ocean Heroes!!!

We Have A Podcast!!!

Book Review- Song For A Whale

*smiles* I'm actually really happy with the posts I made this month! My favorites were the Biodiversity one and the book review! Comment down below which ones were your favorites!

I'm still going to ask for at least one member to upgrade this month! Just remember to Contact me so I know that you've upgraded!

Since I obviously can't do more than one post in the theme, I guess i'll just not have a theme! Well, instead, i'll just have an idea of the posts i'll be doing. If I can, i'll do another book review, and I might do some more informative/jamboard posts!

I'm also going to try to make a podcast episode each week, and i'll notify you in the post after it comes out! Make sure to send in questions for the first episode!

And i'm going to be starting something new to some of you, and old to some others (Ok that sounded sort of weird XD)! Basically, i'll be doing a newsletter each week! When you joined Ocean Heroes, you gave me your email, so each week, i'll send an email newsletter! I'll include the post(s) I made that week, a News Of The World section with the current ocean-y news, a tip of the week, and some ocean-y media (Such as articles in the Week Junior, books, or blog posts!) that I've been enjoying!

The reason that the Newsletter is old (XD) to some of you is because I was actually doing a weekly newsletter in the first couple months of this club, before I made the website! It also had a tip of the week, and a News of the World section!

I wanted to start up the Newsletter again, and was heavily inspired from Allie Jo Anderson (Check out her awesome blog here!) who does amazing newsletters every week!

And that's that! I think October was a good month, and i'm excited for November!

Are you excited for November? If so, what are you most excited about? Tell me down below in the comments!


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