Happy September!!!

Hello Ocean Heroes! It's already September! August was such a busy month and it just flew by! Hopefully I will be able to do more posts and be more active in September, but let's get started with the monthly transition post!

  • One new member

  • One member upgrading to a Hero

  • Two posts a week

  • Collaborations month!

We actually did get one new member! More than that! Let's see here... we got NINE new members!!! Please welcome the Skall family, Ginny Abusi, Ginny Greer, Marcello Sepulveda, Shaun Pardi, and Arnav Gupta!!!!!!!!!

No one has upgraded yet, but some probably will soon! I'm so excited to have SO many new members!!!

I DEFINITELY did not accomplish the two posts a week goal. August was busier than I thought it would be, and I even went on a short hiatus!

I suppose I kind of accomplished the Collaborations Month goal. I did two collab posts (With the same person... but we don't have to mention that XD) that i'm REALLY proud of! Since they were both with the same person however (Ok I guess we ARE addressing that), you can expect collabs with other fellow bloggers and friends in the future!

Posts I Made This Month:

Collaborations Month- Bleaching Of The Coral Reefs With The Society To Stop Climate Change

Guest Post- Green New Deal! (Well technically, Naomi made this post, but it was on my blog, soooo...)

The Blue New Deal // Guest Post By Rowan @ Ocean Heroes! (This was the post that I made, but it was posted on Naomi's blog. Make sense? XD)

Hiatus Announcement :(

So August was an OK month. There weren't a lot of posts, but I think the ones that I made in August were really good!

This time, I'm not asking for any new members, but for at least one member to upgrade from a Junior Hero to a Hero! All you have to do is three things to help the ocean in ANY WAY (ex. Signing a petition, donating to Oceana, and recycling), and make sure to let me know in a Contact Form when you do so!

I am going not back to school after labor day weekend!!!


Ok, you're probably wondering what that means. Basically i'm doing homeschool this year, so I can start after labor day! Which is good because this next week is BUSY.

But anyways, since i'm starting school this month, i'll have more of a schedule, and i'm going to try to do two posts a week again!

The theme for this month... well, there's not really going to be a theme. At least, it'll be pretty vague, with a bunch of other random posts mixed in as well!

Basically, back when our club was MUCH smaller, I was doing jamboard posts. I've linked to some of them in past blog posts, but most of what we've talked about in this club was in those posts, and not on the website.

At least one of my posts each week will just link to a jamboard post! So you all on the website can get an idea of things we've talked about in the past. In those posts, I might also dive a little deeper into those topics as well!

Another thing I want to do this month is Badges. I had an idea a while ago for badges that you could earn for different things you do on the website and in the club! Kind of like cub scouts!

But I didn't have any ideas for HOW to make them, so i'm changing my idea a little bit to do virtual badges! This is probably pretty confusing, so stay tuned for a post explaining the whole idea!

And that's September! I'm really excited, and I think it'll be a really good month with a good schedule!

Did you think August was a good month? Are you excited for September? Tell me down below in the comments!


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