Jamboard Post- Chemical Pollution

Hello Ocean Heroes! I said in the monthly transition post that I would be continuing this jamboard post theme, so here we are! Let's get into the jamboard posts!

PS: I just realized, it's like a post within a post! Jamboard posts that I made a whileeeeee ago, in a blog post! Enjoy the post(s) XD

This is the jamboard post about chemical pollution that we will be talking about today! Naomi@TheSocietyToStopClimateChange also made a jamboard post about Algae Blooms, so check that out as well!

I actually don't have much to say about the first one. I think I explained it pretty well, and i'm proud of it! I also really like how I included some good alternatives to chemical-y fertilizer!

A little bit more on organic produce:

When your shopping, look for the organic produce section! Organic basically means that the farmers who grew the food didn't use any harmful chemicals like pesticides, which also means that it's healthier! Healthier for you, and the environment! Since the food wasn't sprayed with any chemicals, it didn't cause any chemical pollution!

Buying organic food is also a good way to support small farms; bigger farms often use more chemicals to grow their food.

I think Naomi did a really good job on the Algae Blooms jamboard as well! She included a lot of really good things that I didn't think about in her "What Can We Do?" section, and I love her idea of recommending the book Hello From Renn Lake!

Naomi also recommended that book for this post, and I did a little blurb about it! It's on my TBR, and after I read it i'll be sure to review it!

And that's that! I guess I did end up having some things to say about the jamboards!

Did you enjoy the jamboard posts? Have you read Hello From Renn Lake, or are you planning to read it? Tell me down below in the comments!

PS: Yes, I have a sign off! I love it!!! Do you?


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