Jamboard Post- Overfishing

Hello Ocean Heroes! If you have read the monthly transition post, you could probably guess that this is the first post of the theme for this month! Jamboard posts!

Basically, back when our club was WAYYYYYY smaller, I was doing jamboard posts (Don't worry, you'll see what those are soon!). Most of what this club has talked about was in those posts, so I thought I would share links to them on the website so you can see what we've talked about! And I might go a little deeper into some of those topics!

So let's get into the post!!!

This is the jamboard post about Overfishing that we will be talking about today! I made a couple other jamboard posts as well about this topic, and they are here and here!

First of all, I am SO proud of these jamboard posts! Overfishing was one of the biggest topics we covered, and I had so much fun talking about it with all of you on the meetings we used to have!

But, there are a couple things I want to add.

  1. There is an AMAZING book called World Without Fish (You can find a little blurb about it in this post) written by Mark Kurlansky! I read it this summer, and it is now one of my favorite books! It basically goes into detail and talks about all of the problems of overfishing, and what a world without fish would look like. Stay tuned for a review soon!

And we do have an extra copy... maybe a little giveaway as well...

*rubs hands together*

*evil laughs*

2. This is the link to Bren Smith's AMAZING ted talk on 3D Ocean Farming!!! We watched it in one of our meetings, and it would be really good to watch either before or after reading the 3D Ocean Farming jamboard post!

3. This is something to think about when supporting sustainable fishing. I would not advise you (Trying to think of things to say other than don't XD) to quit eating fish entirely. Instead, you want to read labels on the fish you get and make sure that it is sustainable. Sustainable fishing is much harder than fishing with nets, so the sustainable fisheries need support.

And that's all!

Did you enjoy the jamboard posts? Have you read World Without Fish? Are you excited for the maybe giveaway that i'm totally not evilly planning? Tell me down below in the comments!


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P.S. Is evilly a word???


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