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Hello Ocean Heroes! So, as I've said, i'm having a hard time finding ocean media. SERIOUSLY, no one cares about the oceans!!! But, back when our club was just a little community made up by my family mostly (XD), I got some pretty cool articles from some of you to help me write my jamboard posts! And, since they ARE a type of media, I will be sharing some of them in this post!

First of all, Naomi @TheSocietyToStopClimateChange did some great research that we'll have to talk more about sometime in a post!

Researchers at MIT discovered that a sapwood branch can be used to decontaminate water for drinking! Here's why this is great:

  • Poor villages and towns don't have access to higher technology that cleans their water.

  • This is a really simple way to solve a huge problem!

  • Hikers might be able to use it to easily clean their water- sapwood is easy to find!

  • It can filter out 99% of E. Colon Bacteria!

There may be problems with this water filter though:

  • This filter is still in the early stage of testing.

  • The researchers are worried it might badly react to heavily polluted water.

And she also researched...

Smart Whale Sounds

What it is: A specially designed AI buoy deployed 9KM off the coast of Co Cork by ORCA to research the effects of noise pollution. It's in Ireland. What it's doing: Listening to the sounds of ocean life to figure out how they communicate/how they're affected by noise pollution. Why it's cool: Their goal is to use the data that they collect to create a marine wildlife detection system. This could help ships slow down when entering areas with a lot of wildlife, as well. More information: Smart Whale Sounds will be the first project funded by the Tech4All initiative to focus on marine life. This project doesn't involve a lot of action, but it's collecting good information for the world to have.

Amazing research, Naomi! Go check out the SocietyToStopClimateChange which is her AMAZING website on wordpress!

My mom also found some interesting articles! is a article about the challenges affecting Pennsylvania's fresh water, which we both thought was interesting because we live near the Susquehanna, where most of the problems are occurring.

And she also found this article about Marine Reserves!

Lastly, one of my AMAZING members, researchers, and teachers, Carissa Flook!!! She did SO much amazing research and here are some of the things she found! is a website about Sand Dams, which also includes a video and pictures of real sand dams! There's also a project called The Water Project, which is trying to create as many sand dams around the world as possible!

Carissa also wrote an amazing email about The Year Of The Quiet Ocean, which was included in this jamboard post: so check it out!

Shoutout to all of the people who found and wrote these articles! You contributed to newsletters, jamboard posts, and now, a blog post!

Also, thank you to everyone reading this somewhat disorganized post, and for helping me come up with ideas for media! The next post will be your reccomendations!!!

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the post! Do you want me to do more posts elaborating on some of the articles? Maybe a whole series? Tell me down below in the comments!


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