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Hello Ocean Heroes! Remember my challenge? Well, I got some recommendations for ocean media from you guys, and this is the post where you will find them!

The first recommendation was from Naomi, one of our wonderful Researchers and Writers and the leader of the Society To Stop Climate Change .

Hello from Renn Lake

This book was written by Michele Weber Hurwitz, an award winning middle grade author. I've never read any of her books, so this is new, but she seems really cool!

Annalise Oliver, abandoned as a baby in a small Wisconsin town, has always had a special, almost mystical connection to Renn Lake. Annalise's happiest times are working alongside her adoptive parents at the cabins along the lake their family has owned and run for generations. But the summer Annalise turns 12, a small patch of algae quickly becomes a harmful bloom and Renn Lake is closed. Even worse, Annalise's connection with Renn is gone. Frustrated with the authorities' inaction, she teams up with her friends and vows to find a way to save her beloved lake.


If you're looking for a middle grade book about activism and fighting for the things you love, with a hint of magic, this book is for you! I think i'll be looking into this one. Let me know if you want to see a review!

Shoutout to Naomi for recommending this!

The second recommendation was from Charlie, one of our activists and writers and the leader of the Valley Animal Protectors!

My Octopus Teacher

My Octopus Teacher is a documentary about film maker Craig Foster, who forges a relationship with a octopus in a kelp forest in South Africa. The film can be watched by adults and children and it seems really interesting!

Shoutout to Charlie for suggesting this!

Our next piece of media was recommended by my mom, Breanne, who is one of our incredible Researchers!

How To Save A Planet- An Origin Story Of The Blue New Deal

First of all, Breanne recommended a specific episode of How To Save A Planet, but the podcast has other episodes having to do with the ocean as well, so it's definitely worth listening to more than just this episode! The episode mom recommended is about the Green New Deal, and how one of the hosts of the podcast helped add a Blue New Deal to include the ocean, which is affected by climate change, but also provides many solutions! It's funny, and the hosts seem like they're just having a non-rehearsed conversation! I really like it, and plan to listen to more than just that episode!

Shoutout to Breanne for recommending this!

And the last two suggestions are from my grandma, Charlotte, one of our budding activists!


Not the website, Oceana has a youtube channel! I haven't watched any of their videos yet, but I plan to check it out!

National Geographic

Again, the youtube channel! Of course, National Geographic isn't all about the ocean, but they do have some interesting videos about the ocean and ocean life! You can also check them out if you want to learn more about other animals and wildlife

other than marine life!

And of course, shoutout to Charlotte for suggesting these!

And those were all of the recommendations!

Have you already watched/read/listened to any of these documentaries/books/podcasts? Are you planning to watch one or two? If so, which one(s)? Tell me down below in the comments!


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