Plastic Packaging That Can Be Eaten!!!

Hello Ocean Heroes! You read the title (You did, didn't you? You better have read the title!), this post is about plastic packaging that can be eaten! In my monthly transition post, I talked about the Week Junior, which is a really awesome magazine that I get every week! It includes news about animals and the environment, really interesting inventions, beautiful photos, and more!

The topic i'll be talking about today was inspired from a little article in the Week Junior, about plastic packaging that can be eaten, but today we'll go more in depth about it. So, let's get started!

Basically, a female-led German company called Traceless created plastic-like material that is actually made of entirely plant residue! It composts in two to nine weeks, and it's safe to eat as well, though it's not very tasty. The company is still finding a way to produce enough material for the product, but it's a great idea! If the plastic ends up in the environment or the oceans, it will break down, or animals will eat it, but they won't be harmed!

The material can be turned into a range of plastic-like packaging, films and coatings.

In an interview with the Co-founder of Traceless, Anne Lamp said "We are extremely proud of the progress we have made in 2020. We created an amazing multidisciplinary team. We built and are still expanding our network of educational and scientific institutions, start-ups, corporate companies, and organizations. We are overwhelmed by the feedback and huge interest from industrial leaders and decision makers. And of course, we strive to keep up the good work our team has performed in 2021. Our product reached industrial maturity and our highest priority is to scale up the technology rapidly"

As far as I know, Traceless isn't selling any of their products yet, but they are proving that biodegradable and edible plastic is possible!

You can support Traceless by joining their newsletter and let them know of your feedbacks and concerns!

And here a couple of other amazing companies that are providing eco-friendly plastic that you can support:

Notpla is a company that makes edible and biodegradable packaging. They make pouches for liquids such as water, sauces, dressings, and more! Their edible drink pouches are used at sporting events instead of plastic cups or bottles for water, and can be used for many other occasions as well! You can help support them by buying their products or by contacting them with advice and feedback!

Etee makes biodigradable beeswax wraps, natural bath and body products, organic cotton face masks, and more! They even use biodigradable packaging when they ship the items! You can support them by buying their products! I have a lot of etee products; they really help cut down the use of plastic and make you feel healthy and natural!

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And that's that! I'm really proud of this post, and I hope you enjoyed it! This month I will definitely try to do more of these informative posts!

Did you think it was interesting to learn about Traceless's invention? What about Notpla and etee? Are you planning to check these websites out? Tell me down below in the comments!


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