Pollution Prevention Week!!!

Hello Ocean Heroes! This week is Pollution Prevention Week, a week dedicated to practices trying to reduce and stop pollution, and paying homage to the Pollution Prevention Act!

So what can WE do to help?

  • Clean up rivers and/or beaches! In my area, there are some river cleanups available that I definitely want to participate in sometime! And actually helping to clean up pollution in the environment really shows support!

  • Try to avoid using chemicals such as pesticides and weed killer in your backyard! Those chemicals can wash away with the rain and end up polluting the water! Instead, let your yard be free! Let the bees and butterflies come and pollinate!

  • Recycle! Even if you can't find a recycling place near you, plastic containers and other items can be reused. For example, I use small plastic containers as paint cups!

  • Support companies like etee, 4Ocean, and the Surfrider Foundation! If you can't physically clean up pollution in rivers or the ocean, supporting companies and organizations like these is still a great way to help!

And that's that!

Are you planning to do any of the suggestions? Remember, stay tuned for the World Without Fish giveaway post!!! I'm SO excited for it!!!


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