We Have A Podcast!!!

Hello Ocean Heroes!!! As you can see by the title, we have a podcast!!! Making a podcast was one of my October goals, and I'm super excited about it!!!

Before we really get started, I want to thank Animal Chat and Let's Talk, podcasts by Charlie@TheValleyAnimalProtectors and Naomi@TheSocietyToStopClimateChange! They really inspired me to start my own podcast!

This is the podcast graphic!!!

It's called Ocean Sound, Where I talk about the ocean, and me!

I'm going to be adding some more of myself in this podcast than I do in my posts! I might do some lifestyle episodes, and just more get-to-know-me, and I hope you guys will get to know me more through this podcast!

There will also be interviews with some of you guys! Comment down below or Contact me if you're interested in being in an episode of the podcast!

And sometimes it will just be me talking about an ocean-y topic, or something completely random!

And, without further ado, this is the link to the podcast!!! So far, it only has a trailer, but I hope to do an episode every week!

The first episode of the podcast is going to be a get-to-know-me episode! Please comment or Contact me to ask me any questions about myself, and i'll answer some of them in the first episode of Ocean Sound!!!

And that's that!!!

Are you excited for the podcast? And to learn more about me? Tell me down below in the comments!


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