So, as you can tell from the title, it's World Environment Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, the ocean is part of the environment, so let's get into the post!

As you can probably guess, World Environment Day is all about... well... the ENVIRONMENT!!! So, here are some tips and small things to try to do today to help the environment!

  • There is a World Environment Day website!!! If you click on "View Broadcast", you can see two live broadcasts, one from host country Pakistan celebrating environmental milestones for it's country!

  • The theme for this World Environment Day is food waste. And, along with food waste comes other types of waste; the plastic packaging that the food comes in. As you know, that plastic gets into landfills and can blow into waterways (Like rivers or streams) and the ocean. The plastic and trash can also get littered (see next bullet point), polluting the environment and hurting or killing animals when they eat it.

When you waste food, more plastic and trash needs to be created to package new food that the companies need to replace what you bought, so more waste is being put into the world.

Also, on a entirely different note, think of people in other countries, and even here, who don't have enough to eat. And we're just wasting our food like it means nothing. Value your food.

And, if you don't waste food, it will save money and make more space in your refrigerator and your kitchen!

  • Pick up litter. If you see any litter along the side of the road, or in your town, pick it up and throw it away, where it's supposed to go. Litter and trash can get into streams and rivers and eventually, into the ocean. Litter can also endanger land animals that might think the trash is food and eat it. Trash can release chemicals that can harm the environment as well, so it's important to clean up areas with a lot of litter if you have any near your home.

  • Spread the word! Post on social media! Email, write to, or tell your friends and family about World Environment Day! Get people thinking about how THEY can help the environment as well!

Another great thing to do is sign the petitions that I send, or that just pop up in your inbox! Those petitions will get sent to government officials, companies, or wherever the petitioner wants it to go to make a change. You can also start your own petition about a cause you care about!

  • Lastly, join the SSCC (Society To Stop Climate Change) or the VAP (Valley Animal Protectors)! The Society To Stop Climate Change is, well, stopping climate change. Climate change can affect the environment in a lot of ways, and while not all the ways are bad, some of them are. Stopping climate change helps the environment, and the SSCC doesn't just stop climate change. They also support things like trees and peatlands, which are part of the environment and help to stop climate change by just being trees and peatlands!

The Valley Animal Protectors help... animals, and animals are part of the environment. Predators help keep other animal populations in check, and those animals help keep the plants in check as well. Everything in the environment and the ecosystem connects, and it's a delicate balance that both clubs are trying to help.

To join either club, go to the Meet Our Partners section of this website, click on the links to their websites, go to the contact page, and become a member today!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post, and that you're inspired to do something, no matter how small, for World Environment Day!!!

What are you going to do for World Environment Day? What did you think of the link that I shared for the broadcasts? Do you already know about World Environment Day and celebrate it, or is this entirely new? Tell me down below in the comments!


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