WORLD OCEANS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW are there some big environmental holidays in June!!!

So, yesterday (CURSES I didn't find out sooner! You could've seen this post yesterday!) was World Oceans Day!

And, just like the World Environment Day post, here are some tips and small things to do, just like everything we've been doing in this club since we started, to help the ocean!!!

  • Like the World Environment Day, there is also a World Ocean Day website!!! You can sign the petition, donate, or shop for World Ocean Day merch to make every day World Ocean Day! They also have a blog you can check out to learn more about what they are doing and to get ideas!

  • Recycle! This one is pretty simple, and I don't think I have to explain it. If you don't have a recycling bin at your house, ask your parents (Or if you're an adult... ask yourself?) if you can get one and start recycling!

  • Shop wisely. Fast food and plastic bags from grocery stores can easily get littered or blow off of landfills and end up in the ocean or other bodies of water. Try not to get as much fast food (Only for a treat!), and ask for no straws at restaurants. Look for eco-friendly brands that don't use as much, or any, plastic in stores and bring reusable shopping bags! I know, that was a lot. So, just start slow, and do one at a time until you are shopping as eco-friendly and sustainable as you can!

  • No chemicals! Chemical pollution is another type of pollution. Chemicals like pesticides and weed killer can run down into bodies of water with the rain. It pollutes the water and can hurt or kill the marine life. It can also damage other animals that might drink out of the water. AND it can even hurt US. By not using pesticides, weed killer, or other chemicals, you can help stop chemical pollution AND have a bug friendly yard (Pollinator garden, anyone?)!

  • Sign petitions! Check your email today, because I will be sending LOADS of ocean related petitions to celebrate World Ocean Day!!!

  • And lastly, join us! We (of course!) are trying to protect and save the oceans from pollution and harm, hence our name, Ocean Heroes. So, fill out the contact page and join today!

Thank you for reading!

Do you know about World Oceans Day and already celebrate it? Do you already do any of these things? What are you going to try to do this World Ocean Day?


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