World Without Fish By Mark Kurlansky Book Review

Hello Ocean Heroes!!! I said in my last post that I might do a review on this amazing book (And I mentioned it in this post as well!), so here I am!

Let's get into the review!

"Mark Kurlansky, beloved award-winning and bestselling author, offers a riveting, uniquely illustrated, narrative nonfiction account for kids about what’s happening to fish, the oceans, and our environment, and what kids can do about it." - Goodreads

So, this book is non-fiction (Though there are characters... we'll get to that later), so the review will be a little shorter than normal, since there's not as much to talk about.

BUT I still think that this book was A-MAZ-ING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so eye-opening and I honestly think that everyone in the government should read it!

World Without Fish basically discusses, well, what a world without fish would look like! It talks about the history of fishing (Which was really interesting!), overfishing (Which is the main focus of the book), how pollution is killing fish too, how global warming is also killing fish...

It also talks about biodiversity, which is the key to species survival. Biodiversity loss is a big issue, which i'm still learning about, but I do know that needs to be talked about more, comment if I should do a post on it sometime!

So, the characters. At the end of each chapter, there is a comic page (That didn't really make since XD but I have no idea how to describe it so we're just gonna go with that, k?). And of course, comics and graphic novels have characters.

The two main characters in the comic are Kram and Ailat, father and daughter. With each new comic page, Ailat is growing up and understanding more about what her father is trying to protect: the oceans. In the book, the fish are disappearing, therefore the birds and lizards and beetles are disappearing too!

When reading World Without Fish, you learn how everything is connected, and if the fish disappear, it will spread to the land as well.

Kram and Ailat's story is a powerful one, and each comic page goes along well with what's happening in that chapter, making the transition from non-fiction to fiction smooth.

And, even though it's non-fiction, the book is really interesting and is written in a way that is easy to understand, while also addressing kids like adults, and like they have the power to change things, which we do!

Long story short, I absolutely LOVE this book and would definitely recommend!

And stay tuned for a giveaway post coming soon!!!

What did you think of the review? Are you planning to read World Without Fish? Are you excited for the giveaway? Tell me down below in the comments!


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