World Without Fish Giveaway!!!!!!!!


I said in this post (Oooh, and in this post!) that I was evilly (Yes that IS a word) planning a giveaway of an extra copy of a certain book I have.......

Basically this post explains how you can win a copy of World Without Fish!

Well, it's not going to be like our last giveaway. Instead of doing those simple things for the club or the website, you'll just answer one question that goes along more with the book than with the club. The question is:

What can YOU do to make a change in the way we fish, and to help there never be a world without them?

You can answer that question through the comments, or Contact me!

PS: I challenge you! After you've replied to the question, I challenge you to go and DO what you said you could do! And make sure to tell me so I can put it on the log!

If you win the giveaway... we'll figure it out!

(I literally just used a whole header for one sentence that didn't explain anything XD)

(You see, SOME people on this website are people who I can just HAND the book to, sooo no need for a fancy google form with that person's address)

(Buuuut if you aren't a person that I can just hand the book to, here's a fancy google form so that I can get your address!)

And that's that! The drawing will be on October 5th, in one week!

Are you excited for the giveaway? Make sure to tell me in the comments if you have any questions!


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